Monday, August 2, 2010

This just made me giddy!!

While I was at Rite Aid today, I happened to overhear a conference call between the general manager and all the local managers. The GM was telling the local managers how "coupon collectors" are really bringing alot of business into their stores and that it was time to get away from this advisary type relationship that the cashiers have with them!! He explained to them the difference between a manufacturers and store coupon, stacking policys and that an item that is on sale B1G1 is totally free if a customer has a B1G1 coupon. I was particularly happy to hear him tell the managers that the attitude that couponers are stealing from the store has to change and that we are in fact bringing alot of revenue into their stores buy using our coupons even if we pay $5 for $50 worth of merchandise because of their reimbursements!
**Also, there are going to be more Rite Aid store coupons coming soon!!**
I was thrilledto say the least! Rite Aid, for me, has always seemed like the least coupon friendly store I use and to hear this was great! I spoke with the manager and told him I am one of those coupon people and if he needed any help at all with explaining coupons to his cashier I would be more than happy to help. His response was, "Great, thank you very much. You guys know the policys better than the cashiers!". Well, yeah we do!

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