Saturday, August 7, 2010

Girls Trip Girls Trip!!

So the girls and I decided to have a girls weekend. Kenzie has been after me forever to do something just the 3 of us and so we took off to Gatlinburg. We have had quite an adventure already, which has proven to me that A) God is good, B) traveling with children is an adventure in and of itself, and C) I'm alot tougher than I thought. Here's why. 25 away from home Raegan starts yelling from the back seat, "Ma, Ma". I look back to see her holding her hand up in the air coated in something. Upon further investigation I see that it is poop, and its all in her car seat as well. Cut to me on the side of the freeway cleaning her and the car seat up. Interesting beginning. An hour later we stop to stretch our legs. We went to Petsmart to see, well we saw EVERY creature they had in there at least 3 times. Then we walked on down to Target, a Target I have never seen before. It had a huge grocery store. My being so engrossed in this cool Target may have been why I missed the signs. Either way about 10 minutes later, while looking at school supplies (you know, the busiest part of the store on tax free weekend) Raegan throws up. And throws up and throws up all over her and my feet and her lamby. Not good. I get her to the bathroom with a little bottle of soap and wet paper towels and wipe she and I both down. As I'm heading to the register to pay for my little bottle of soap I reach in my pocket for my check card and find only my drivers license. I was not walking all the way to the car and back for a .99 bottle of Johnson & Johnsons so I left the bottle there. Now I am a Target thief. We headed on up to Pigeon Forge, along with 50 million other people who from the looks of the traffic, all drove separate cars. We decided to walk across the street to an ATM to get some cash so that I can wash all the vomit clothes. I held Raegan while we ran across only to find that on the other side she was missing a shoe. Really? So on the way back we look everywhere and no shoe. How did that happen? We only went 30 steps across one road!! Either way we are now short one flip flop. So the end of day 1 is here. We are short a flip flop, have been vomited on 3 times and changed 5 diarrhea diapers, realized I left Raegans bathing suit at home, carried Raegan in a store with nothing on but a diaper (one of my biggest baby no nos in the universe!!!), swam, jumped on beds, splashed in the tub and had so much fun! We have laughed and giggled and already I think that this is so worth it all. This time with them is so priceless and I know that I don't have to many more years with them that they want to do girls weekends with me. So, I am going to snuggle up with my babies and snooze because tomorrow is a new day and Kenzie has a list of things to do already. There is no telling what is going to happen tomorrow! Say a prayer. No, say 3!

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