Sunday, July 25, 2010


Everyone who knows me knows that I am so not crafty! I really haven't ever wanted to learn. My version of crafting was my mom coming over and making something for me while I watched and ate chips. However, since my 2nd daughter was born I have a new found desire to learn to sew, make hairbows and anything else I can think of. My aunt gave me a great idea on storing my ribbon and it works great. Since I'm a crafting nerd I am very proud of myself and wanted to share.
I found a pink box at Hobby Lobby I loved, pink and green of course. It was $17.99 but 50% off. I decided in my cheapness I wanted to find something better. They also had foam core board to make the slots and it was $5. I again decided to opt for something else. So here are the results.
I found a little wooden box at a thrift store, for .49. Yep, less than a dollar. If you look close you can see the price on that little blue sticker.
I sanded it down to make it smooth and painted it pink with some paint I had from decorationg my daughters room.
Then I cut my $1 piece of foam from the Dollar Tree into pieces as deep and long as the box. Then all you have to do is wrap the ribbon around the foam and pin with a small straight pin. I got a box of those for $2 at Hobby Lobby.
I picked up these cute little boxes today at Staples for .25 each. They are on school supply special this week. I put extra pins in there.
So the grand total of my new ribbon box is..............drum roll please............$3.49!!!!!

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