Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's go people!!!

By now everyone knows I am obsessed with couponing. However, in the process I have become a better person. Crazy I know but true. I have found myself really wanting to give back and I think alot more about what I can do. I am a stay at home mom of two so to say that there is a cash flow problem around here is an understatement lol. However, I have found that with the couponing systems I get stuff free or almost free every week. I have started a collection box in my laundry room for all of those things and the box is going to be donated to a local shelter for battered women and children. I am very excited that even know I will never know the people who receive it, I may in some way be able to help them. So in my quest for free samples and great deals, I stumbled upon a blog that mentioned a website that I couldn't stop myself from checking out. And now I'm hooked and I want you all to get involved with me!! 5 years ago a mom who's son was in the military started a small site that helped soldiers overseas get care packages from home to have what they needed. And in that time it has grown and now includes every branch of the military! This site is great! It list the name of soldiers and what their requests are. I would hate to know that I was in the desert in 103 heat fighting a war to protect my country but I couldn't get any deodorant or shampoo. I can only imagine what its like to get one of those packages from home, it has to be a great pick me up. I don't understand the inner workings of our government and the choices that they make. But, agree or not the fact is those people are over there in a war zone fighting to protect us and the world as we know it, while we go shower and climb in our nice comfy bed. I figure a box full of socks, deodorant, candy and popcorn is the least we can do. So, if you are interested in helping please email me at mis64709@gmail.com. If you are a crazy coupon lady like me, I can show you how to get just about every item they are requesting for free or as close as you can get. All you will really have to donate is a little time, and when I say a little I mean a trip to the drug store or grocery store. I am going to post a blog every Wednesday to let you know what you can pick up from the grocery store, as their sales start on Wed. and I will post on Sunday to let you know what you can get from the drug stores as their sales start on Sunday. I would suggest just putting a small box or Rubbermaid container some where that won't be in your way and just putting things in there as you get them. I will do a collection day and either come pick up donations myself, or have a collection point that you can drop them off at. Also, if you are interested in helping but don't have the time to do the shopping, feel free to make a donation and I will get the items for you or put your donation toward the cost of shipping. I think we all get caught up in our lives and the fast pace that we live them. And I know for me, their are days I feel like my problems are H-U-G-E. But at the end of the day, when I and my girls are safe and sound in warm cozy beds, I really have been blessed many times when I know I didn't deserve it. God has truly taken care of me and I feel like its time to start giving some of those blessings back and I think this is a really good place to start! So, come on let's start shopping!!! :)

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