Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This one even suprised me!

I know there are lots of people who think couponing cant really save you much money and therefore think we are crazy for doing it. What can you possibly save with a bunch of .25 off coupons? The answer is alot if done the right way. And for those of you, I give you this!
I made a trip to Walgreens today. Here is a break down of my little trip. Prescription $9.55 Prescription $3.80 Listerene Kids $4.00 Listerene Kids $4.00 Huggies Wipes $2.79 Huggies Wipes $2.79 Glad Soy Candle $2.79 Total Before Coupons $29.72 Coupons I used: Listerene BIGI Coupon $4.00 (Walgreens Special-2/$4 and get $3 Register Rewards Back) Listerene BIGI Coupon $4.00 Glade Soy Candle Coupon $3.29 Huggies Printable Coupon $1.50 Huggies Printable Coupon $1.50 Walgreens Huggies Coupon $4.00 Total Coupon Savings $18.29 Total Due $13.49 (With Tax) **Keep in mind that $13.35 of this was the prescriptions so I got all 5 other items (valued at $16.37 for .14!) I then turned around and got 4 indiviual servings of Kraft Mac N Cheese. They were 4/$4. I had a Walgreens store coupon for $1 off 4, which made it $3. I used the $3 in Register Rewards I earned from the 1st purchase and paid .31! Yes, couponing does work! I have seen it work myself time and time again. It's not about finding a .25 coupon and using it for what you need right now, its about using the systems and savings to buy items that you will need but paying next to nothing for them. I personally have cut my grocery bill in half, almost a third and I spend on average $20-$25 per week on everything else I need for my house (i.e. diapers, cleaning products, makeup, paper goods, etc.). Its a huge savings!! So, that being said, coupon cult will resume next Thursday night. Come join us and start saving money yourself!! And here is a couple of free things!
This is a cute little free floral bag. Easy to request, fill out your mailing information and your done! Click here **Thanks Free Sample Freak**
You can get a free sample of Aveeno shampoo here. I love this shampoo, I got the sample then bought some!

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