Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Its been a while, hope this makes up for it!

Ok yes its been a while since I posted and yes I realize how many free things went right out the window! Between my sickness and my computer sickness, being alive has been difficult let alone updating! However, there is still alot of information here, and links to some other sites that can keep you busy getting free stuff for days! First, let you direct your attention here.....this weeks drugstore deals for your care package. If your sitting at your computer right now wondering what in the world I am talking about, then let me direct your attention here, my latest project. Read and you will understand, then go shop! The deals I posted are very limited, I posted ones that I thought were relevant to the care packages and a couple for those of you with a child in diapers. No, I don't think the troops need them, I just have a soft spot for anyone else who has to fork over that much money on a regular basis! If you would like to see the complete listing of drug store deals, along with current grocery store deals as well, check out southern savers. Southern Savers is one of my favorite websites, headed up by Jenny. I tell EVERYONE about this site because it has saved me tons of money, not to mention time! If you are a couponer or interested in what all of us crazy women are talking about, go check out Southern Savers. I don't know when this woman sleeps! She post for us every week the grocery and drug store deals and what coupons you should have it you are collecting them, as well as posting every time someone finds a new coupon booklet at Publix, Walgreens, etc. If I never saw a sale paper again but had this site, I would be ok. She also has posted the rules of couponing, organzing, the how-to's of every drug store system, etc. Just every thing you need to know about couponing!! It's priceless! Ok, so now that I have gone on forever about that, I said it all to say this. On Oct. 9th Jenny will be coming from South Carolina to Cleveland! First Baptist Church in Cleveland is having a "Coupon Town Hall" and Jenny is going to be the speaker! It is to be held in the evening but an exact time has not been released yet, I will let you know as soon as I find out it is. Also, they are opening a registration on Sept. 10th and I'm sure that as many crazy coupon ladies as there are out there, it won't take long for them to run out of spots. I will let you know as soon as I find out exact details on the registration as well. I would hurry if I were you! Ok, so now on with the show...and the free stuff!! **************************************************************************************************

FREE Personalized Photo Card Shipped Directly to the Recipient! I love these FREE card offers. This one is completely free from you create the card, add a photo and personalization and then tell them who to send it to. They'll send it FREE of charge and help you make someone special's day brighter! The offer starts tomorrow so make sure to log on and get your card completed!The folks at created The Hope Collection of cards in support of The Week of Hope, a campaign to lift the nation's spirit by the sending of greeting cards. The goal is to send 300 million messages of encouragement from September 1 to September 7. The people at are helping to reach this goal by offering their Hope Collection cards for FREE! It's simple to make your own FREE card. Just log on between September 1 and September 7 and choose a card from the Hope Collection. Add a photo and personalization and use the code SENDHOPE when you check-out. Please note that at the top of the checkout page it will ask for a credit card - just scroll down and add the promotional code then apply and you won't need to enter the credit card information! They will print the card, and mail it to your designee. PLUS - if you post a message on's Facebook fan page wall about how you did this offer, you'll be entered to win a personalized stationary set! The fine print of the offer: "Free card offer is valid for one card per customer from the designated Hope Collection. The shipping option must be direct mail to your recipient. SENDHOPE coupon code is valid from 9/1/09 at 12:01 ET to 9/7/09 at midnight PST." Thank you again Nicole's Nickles! ************************************************************************************* Sign up here at Save A Lot to get a coupon book from Procter & Gamble worth $15 Thank you Free Sample Freak! *************************************************************************************

"Another very nice bar... a nice fresh fragrance and enriched with avocado oil for extra moisturizing. Enriched with emu oil"

Have you ever tried any homemade soap? I haven't, which is why I love this freebie! Click here to sign up to receive a free sample of Red Clover Tea Soap!


Free Samples: Try Exederm Intensive Moisture Cream for FREE! Fill in your info and you’ll get a free 0.5 oz Tester Pack of Exederm Intensive Moisture Cream. You’ll also get a 12 page booklet and valuable coupons! Look for a verification email after signing up.

************************************************************************************ If you have kids, I know you know all about Juicy Juice! Sign up now for the Juicy Juice newsletter and you will get a free water bottle, and my favorite!! I did this a couple of months back and got my water bottle, I also signed the husband up and got a free sippy cup! Anytime they have new coupons you can log on and print them! ******************************************************************************************************** For any of you collecting Huggies Enjoy the ride codes, here are a couple that I got. I'm not sure if they can be used multiple times, but I figured why not atleast try to share! HDNZL-HGHTW-MNXPT NBDKD-QZGDT-FJPGB (5 Point Code)

And this is a Pampers Code:


************************************************************************************* Ok so if you are reading this blog then you have already heard me talk several times about my one of my favorite websites, She posts all the greatest free stuff and coupons, and even has a chatroll and request box that you are request deals or coupons for things and she will try to find them for you. She is awesome! So, click here and help support her in a Purex 3 in 1 contest. If she wins, she will be doing a $100 Visa Giftcard giveaway for her readers, which should be you! So Click here to support her & print a Purex 3 in 1 sheet coupon, then click here to go to her site and subscribe for daily email updates! The free stuff comes right to your email everyday!! ************************************************************************************* Ok, so being that I am a girl, and completly inept with a power tool I always have to call my dad or a friends husband to come fix major house projects.(No, my husband isn't much better at Bob Villa stuff that I am lol). But, that is all about to change! Home Depot is offering workshops for women called "Do it Herself" and I am excited. The next one is Sept. 24th and it covers the kitchen, everything from changing a faucet to refinishing your cabinets. These are all things that would greatly improve the look of my kitchen but be fairly inexpensive if done yourself....err..I mean "herself". Go to their website to check it out and get all the details. They also have free workshops for the kids on certain Saturdays. That would be fun to!

Are you a smoker? Grab this free sample of Nicoderm CQ, plus you’ll get a $7 coupon. This stuff is expensive so $7 will go along way in helping you try to quit! **Thank you freesamplefreak

You can sign up now for a chance to wear some free fashion T-shirts! Yup! You heard me…I said free shirts! You’ll simply fill in your info and when your profile matches an Advertisers campaign they will notify you via email. How cool is that?!


FREE SAMPLE OF BARE NAKED GRANOLA OR CEREAL Click here to request your free sample of Bare Naked Cereal or Granola. Bear Naked is 100& natural cereals. Give it a try!


Get free samples from Always and Kotex! ************************************************************************************* Here is your deal of the day!
Wilson Leather Youth Baseball Glove with EZ catch Web and EZ Snap Closing System
Retail Price: $49.99
Savings: (91%) $45.00
Deal of the day price: $4.99
Click here to go check out this deal! If you have a child playing fall rec ball this is a great item! Don't forget its only available until midnight when a new deal starts. Its deal of the "day" so it doesn't last long!

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