Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shop for a cause!!

So even thought its still hot enough to pass the Devil on the freeway, summer is dwindling. We close to school starting back already! I am so going to miss sleeping until 10 everyday!! And aren't the joys of searching for school supplies just....well joys. Does it really make a difference that my child has store brand dry erase markers instead of Expo? Does Expo write or erase differently because I paid $5 more for them. And why is it that teachers ask every child for hand sanitizer and zip lock baggies? How many zip lock baggies can one class use considering they aren't ever coming home. I just don't get it. Anyway, I digress. Its a pain buying the school supplies but it occurred to me today that there are a lot of kids whose parents wont be able to buy them all the supplies they need. I went straight to my teacher source, my sis, who tells me her guess is about 50% of the kids in her public school will not have their supplies and so she will purchase them herself. Anyone see a problem with this? So here is my solution. Every week right now at the drugstores there are school supplies that are free or dang near close. Look what I got today at Walgreens, all of which can be bought for $5! We had this conversation once before, about the troops and sending things to them. Don't think I have forgotten, I haven't trust me. One skipped coffee is $5! Go to Walgreens and buy folders, 8 for a $1, go to CVS and get scissors for .99 and let them give you a coupon to use in store for .99, making the scissors free. Go get the folders and scissors and pens and pencils and pencil sharpeners and then we can gather them all, I will even come get them if need be, and donate them to schools. Think about it, if 10 people go do this that's 80 folders we can give to teachers, 100 mechanical pencils. That a lot of homework writing. And the teachers can do what they want with all those pretty colored folders. They can put it in a ziploc bag, write the date on it with a low odor dry erase Expo marker and sanitize their hands after if they want as long as the kids have what they need in their classroom to learn!

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