Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go figure I'm an overachiever!!

I always tell my husband my mental to do list looks like the board at the aiport, the one that shows you all of the incoming and outgoing flights. If you stand in front of that board it is non-stop movement, as soon as one flight lands and is taken off the board another goes right back in its place. In my head I see the same thing, only with my list of things I want to do. I lay in bed at night and go over them all, listing for myself what I will do first and how I can best multitask to get it done quicker. This blog was on that board for a long time. I was going to be a celebrity in the blog world. Uh, not so much. Here is the thing, I am an overachiever in my mind. There are so many big dreams up there that just bounce around and if I were....perhaps a Cullen and didn't have to sleep, I would have no problem. But alas I require sleep and my kids require food and attention and clean clothes. Bla Bla Bla. I really wanted to jump into the coupon world and take it by storm. I so love couponing and telling people about it. It honestly feels so good when I see someone in a store and they ask me why I have that obnixous notebook in the buggy instead of my child, and I get to tell them how they can buy that box of Cheerios for $1 instead of $4. I know 1st hand how hard it is to make it with a family so knowing that I was able to help someone elses burden be a little lighter is so much fun! I think if I could have one of those super cool blogs like I read then I would be helping tons of people like they have helped me. Again, not so much. The blogs that I love, Southern Savers, I heart Publix, Couponing to Disney (there are more these are just the 3 I check everyday), are all run by women with children and ball games and church and husbands just like mine. I however am not there. I can't balance the kids and karate and piano and homework and the hubby and my never ending mental to do list. Sometimes I feel bad about that, and then while thinking about how I so wish my dreams of coupon stardom had come true with a blog that went viral and ended me up on Oprah the same day Rob Pattinson was there (another story for another blog), it occured to me that its ok that I can't juggle 17 plates. I am normal. I am a normal mom of 2 girls who struggles between staying home with them and having a little more income to provide for them, who somedays wishes my husband would just go live in the back yard and somedays thinks he is a blessing handed straight down from Jesus, who was recently in the parking lot of a Rite Aid with a 1 yr old throwing up constantly, a 9 yr old screaming telling me how ggggggrrrrrooooosssss it was and an overly sensitive gag refex of my own. My life is so far from organiztion and white picket fences, but I'm normal. So after this "moment" of sorts, I decided that the blog is going to take a turn. I'm going to stop focusing so much on couponing and trying to recreate what I have already seen created. Its just going to be normal. I will still post my favorite deals and projects but I think it will be time better served with just the stories of a normal life and normal mom trying to figure it all out.

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