Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello all, long time no blog! Well, the holidays were crazy and now that they are behind us I want to start doing some new things on the blog. I am planning a big move for the blog, which I am working on now and will let you know as soon as it is finished! It's going to be fun though! One of the things that I am working on for the new blog is going to be keeping a running update of a year long project my family and I have started. Here is a little bit about it, more to come soon! Every year my family and I find a family who is in need at Christmas and we all work together to provide them a great Christmas. My sister is a 5th grade teacher and so this year our family was one of her students. A 5th grade little girl, with a 3 yr old brother and a mom who weren't going to have a Christmas at all as the mom has fallen on tough times this year. As a mom, the thought of having to tell my kids that there would be no Christmas was more than heartbreaking. So we all started shopping! Keep in mind we found out about this on Wednesday afternoon and the gifts needed to be bought, wrapped, and delivered by Friday. The Elves had a mission and alot of work cut out for them. We shopped Wednesday night and Thursday and when it was all said and done the little girl and her brother had about 15 presents a piece, toys, clothes, etc. And we had a few things for the mom as well. It was so much fun to do it and to know that they were going to have a good Christmas!! It was also a great oppurtunity to teach my 8 year old that having everything that we do is a blessing and that others dont always have the same blessings and we should do for others as much as we can. All and all it was a great learning experience for her and it drove home the point that it truely is better to give than to receive! My mom and I decided right then that if we, as frugal bargain shoppers, worked all year long to go get the great toy deals and things that we run across all year, we could provide Christmas to alot of kids!! We are going to convert my upstairs that isn't used into Sant's workshop! I have already started buying toys and clothes that I have found at great sale prices and wrapping paper that is all over the place on clearance. I can not wait to see what we have by the time Christmas comes next year! I hope that we can clean out every Angel tree in town!! On of the features on the new blog is going to be to keep a running list of all of the things we purchase through the year. It will be a fun way for us and everyone to see how it adds up and what we have by then. I would like to challenge you all to do the same thing! It you see a great toy deal, even if you don't have a young one that age, snag it and put it in your Christmas toy bank! It will be a great year long feeling of giving and then the excitement at Christmas....well I'm excited just thinking about it! Let me a comment and let me know if you plan to participate! We can start a whole network of people who are Couponing for Christmas!!!

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  1. It's so fun to shop for others! I've already started gathering items for our Operation Christmas Child boxes for next Christmas. I figure if I start now, I can do even more for even less money!