Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something New from the Coupon Lady

The next Crazy Coupon Lady coupon workshop will be this Saturday (November 4th) at 9am. I would love to have a great turnout, its so much fun to do these classes! I can't wait to start hearing back from people who have been out shopping and saving! With that in mind, I have an offer to make you!
If you know anyone who you think may enjoy and benefit from one of my classes, refer them to me! If they attend a class, I will send you $5. Not alot of money I know, but if you refer a couple of people it can add up quickly! If you refer 5 people, I will send you the $25 referral fee, PLUS a coupon organizer full of all the things that I keep in my personal organizer! I will send you one of the big binders complete with 2 sets of divider tabs, envelopes for storing store coupons, scissors, pouches for rain checks and receipts, pens and a calculator. And you never know, I may hide some of my favorite coupons in there for you as well!
If you have someone in mind, email me at crzycouponlady@gmail.com!! Now, go call your friends!! :)

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