Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Target Haul!

First let me say I love Target! I always have and thanks to Couponing to Disney(great blog, check it out!) who had a list of matchups I was able to get a great, money making deal on Glade Candles and roll that over into even more savings!!
Click here to read about my Glade Candle deal. Doing that deal yielded 3 Glade candles, an oil candle tin and refill pack for $4.20 and earned me a $5 gift card.
Transaction #2
Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers $18.99
Gerber 100% Juice 2.24
Pink Swifter Sweeper Starter Kit 8.99
2 Chex Mix @ 1.73 3.46
2 Quaker Granola Bars @ 1.68 3.36
2 Ponds Facial Cleaners (Travel Section) @ .97 1.94
4 Degree Deo. (Travel Section) @ .97 3.88
Renu Fresh Lens (Travel Section) 1.52
$3 off Huggies Pure and Natural -3.00
$5 Swifter Sweeper -5.00
(2) $1.00 Chex Mix (Target Printable) -2.00
(1) .50/2 Chex Mix - .50
(2) $1.50 off Degree Deo. -3.00
(1) $2 off Renu Fresh Lens (Printable) -2.00
(2) .50 off Quaker Products (Target Printable) -1.00
(1) .75 Lean Pockets - .75
(2) 1.50 off Ponds Facial Products (Printable, limit reached) -3.00
(1) $5 Target Gift Card -5.00
Total Paid (including tax) $23.35
**One thing to note, I had originally planned on buying Lean Pockets but changed my mind and didn't get that coupon out of my "to use" stack. For some reason their computer took it anyway and I didn't realize it at the time. I now owe Target .75!**
I saved $20.23 on this transaction. Now, when you figure in the Glade deal and the rebate it qualified me for, it breaks down to this:
Total for 2 transactions:$ 27.55
$5 SC Johnson Rebate: - 5.00
Total Out of Pocket Cost: $22.55
Since diapers were the neccesity and the driving reason behing the trip I look at it this way, I got 17 other items for $3.56 (which is .21 per item) more than the cost of the diapers! I will take that anyday!

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