Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need another thing to do...

So I decided to create my very own blog! I don't have enough time to get everything I have now done so I figured why not throw something else in the mix! Actually I figured this might save me time. I spend alot of time during the day texting several people about the same things so I thought I would just put it all right here. I hope as time goes on I will pretty my blog up and have cool pictures like the ones I see online, but for now simple text will have to do! My intention is to post here all the cool things I find everyday that either save me money, make me money, or I get totally free. This really has become my new obsession and it really is saving money. It's almost like working a puzzle everyday. I try to find the cheapest way to go to save as much money as I can. I found a WONDERFUL website that I have told alot of you about, She dedicates ALOT of her time to gathering all the free samples, free trials, and legimate work at home ideas and puts them all on her blog daily. Alot of the things I tell you about come from her. I will keep putting out the ones that I think we will all be interested in, but feel free to check her site, it rocks! So for today, here are a few things I am working on. Gotta make it quick though, have alot to get done today! Thanks for reading and hopefully I will be able to help you save some money too!! Thanks! Mis For those of you with little girls: **LL Bean Mary Jane Shoes for $6.99* These shoes are originally $34.50!, item #TK52686. When you go to checkout, use code 3012422 to get free shipping. Also, if you shop through ebates it will save you 2% cash back. Ebates is great! When you shop online through them, the stores pay you a % of your purchase cash back!! When you sign up with them, you get $5 just for signing up. If you use ebates to order the shoes, that makes them $1.99!! ** is another good site, especially if you are in or near cleveland. I like this one because she posts alot of free or inexpensive events around town and places to take the kiddies! Until Fri (8/14) she is running a contest to win a 2 day trip to Wilderness in the Smokies! I have registered, you should to...only don't win I want to! **Swagbucks...people go sign up for swagbucks! Its so easy, you use it like google or yahoo. Its a search engine. But when you search on swagbucks you randomly getting rewarding for using the site with Swagbucks which accumulate and you can redeem them for all kinds of cool merchandise. Gift cards, games, toys, shirts, the list goes on and on. I made it my home page and just use it like another other, it works great and I figure free stuff is free stuff. It could be a good tool for Christmas!** **Old Navy Weekly Coupon Hunt: Every week Old Navy post high dollar coupons on their website, You have to "find" them by clicking on things in the pictures, moving them around, etc. When you find one it pops up on your screen and you can print them out or email them to yourself. They normally have $10 off $50, 25% off total purchase, $50 off $100 and the best, $75 off $100. The site reloads normally on Thursday night. You will know because it shows under maintenance when you pull it up. The reload time is top secret so you just have to catch it at the right time and its hard to get the high dollar coupons normally. There are people in cyber land who have figured out ways to get them as soon as it loads so its difficult to do. The most I have ever gotten is $10 off $50. But it still helps, Old Navy has some great sales!! Happy Hunting!** Don't forget new grocery store sales started yesterday. Not a great week but if you have your coupons there are still some good buys. If you missed the paper, you can go to which is another I love! She matches up all the drugstore and grocery sales along with the coupons you should have it you are a clipper. Big money and time saver for me!

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