Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart CVS!

Just a few quick things today...I could sit and do this for hours I promise but alas, I have to go finish getting registered for school. Dang! So here are a couple of fun things! Enjoy! Swing by McDonalds and pick up one of there new "After School Snack" coupon books. It will cost you $1 but it has $12 worth of coupons in it, free ice cream cones, apple pies, fries, apple dippers, juices and milks. Worth the $1 investment!! Sugarshoes.com. Sign up for email updates and you will get a free gift. My favorite website, www.freesamplefreak.com says it will be a free travel lip gloss set, and she knows her free samples!! www.smithfield.com Click on sign up on the top of the page. You can print a coupon for $3.00 and you should be able to print it twice. With a good buy one get one sale you can more than likely get this for free! Yay for free! There is a $1 coupon in the Sunday paper for $1 off Purex detergent. CVS has it on sale right now for B1G1 free at $5.99. Since your getting 2 you can use 2 coupons which would make your price for 2 laundry detergents $3.99. Not bad at all. And speaking of CVS thats main reason for my post this morning. I spend alot of time talking...and thinking...ok and dreaming about CVS! I can't help it, its fun to get a bunch of stuff and pay almost nothing for it. I'm always explaining the system to someone. CVS has a program called Extra Care Bucks. Certain items in the store each week will give you Extra Care Bucks (ECB)printed out at the bottom of your receipt when you purchase them. ECB are in store coupons good on your next purchase, even if it is 10 secs. later. The key is to match up the ECB items for the week with coupons to pay as little out of pocket as possible for the most items. Its like my favorite puzzle lol. I went yesterday and here is the tally of my trip. Hopefully it will help the CVS program make a little more sense. Purchase #1 L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair $14.99 L'Oreal Skin Genesis Cleanser $ 5.99 Colgate Max White Toothpaste $ 2.99 Total Before Coupons $23.97 -$5 off Wrinkle Repair -$1 off Cleanser -$1 off Colgate -$1 off ECB from last week -$4 off $20 coupon (from CVS autofill booklet) Total After Coupons $11.97 Tax $1.75 Total Paid out of Pocket $13.72 ECB's earned for next purchase (L'Oreal) $10.00 (Toothpaste) $1.00 Purchase #2 Pantene Shampoo (Big Bottle) $5.99 Sobe Life Water (BIG1 Free) $1.59 Sobe Life Water Free Sobe Life Water (BIG1 Free) $1.59 Sobe Life Water Free Phillips over ear headphones $6.99 Total Before Coupons $15.36 -$1 off Pantene Shampoo -BIG1 Life Water -BIG1 Life Water -$10 ECB from 1st purchase -$3 off $15, surprise coupon that printed after 1st purchase Total after coupons $-1.02 **They owed me money before tax was applied!!!** Tax $1.18 Total Paid out of Pocket $ .16 ECB's earned for next purchase (Patene) $2.00 $6.99 Purchase #3 4 12 Packs of Mtn. Dew $12.00 -$2 ECB's from Pantene Purchase -$1 ECB from registering on CVS.com -$6.99 from headphones purchase Total Due after Coupons $2.01 Tax $.85 Total Paid out of pocket $2.86 ECB's earned for next purchase (Mtn. Dew) $4.00 All Total I paid $16.74 out of my pocket. It was a savings of $62.61 or 84%. Not bad!! Especially considering I am pretty new to this and there are alot of couponers out there who would consider this a bad trip!! It's amazing the money you can save and how much it is helping!

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