Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rebates, Rebates, Rebates, Rebates, Rebates
I posted once before about Rebates and how easy and wonderful they were. So I thought I would post for you some of the ones I am doing right now so that you could see how truely easy it is.
  1. SC Johnson. Get $5 back when you purchase 3 SC Johnson brands, limit 3 per household. I currently have all 3 ready to go out tommorrow. You can read all about the rebate here
  2. Little Einstein. Send in any Little Einstein or Baby Einstein video for your choice of coupons or full refund. (I choose the refund $ 16.99) Click here for more information
  3. Kohl's. Get $10 per appliance when you purchase 2 during early bird sale (from Sept.) This was a deal I did prior to my deal blogging so I have no other info. posted about it but it was a 1 day sale on sale appliances that qualified for $10 cash back per appliance
  4. Rite Aid Savings and Givings. Click here to read how I earned my $20 Rite Aid gift card
  5. Rite Aid SCR. I purchased Huggies diapers ($10) and Suave Body Wash ($1) that qualified for Single Check Rebates. For more information on Single Check Rebates you can go here.

All total that is $79.98 in cash and a $20 gift card. Here is the run down on how I got them:

  1. SC Johnson. I purchased 5 of the Glade holiday scent candles from Target as part of their gift card offer. You can read more about that here. I did 3 transactions totalling $21. All 3 were candles and with my BIGI coupons I actually ended up getting 18 candles and or refill packs. After my rebate, I will have paid $6 for 18 Glade candles, that's .33 a candle :). I made a copy of my receipt for my files, filled out a form asking for the UPC numbers, addressed and stamped and envelope and I'm done.
  2. Little Einstein videos. For Christmas this past year Raegan (my 13 month old) received several Little Einstein videos. She LOVED them, for about a week and since then we have been on to bigger and better (at least she thinks so). Since there appears to be a problem in their PR department over their claims of these videos making babies smarter, they are offering a full refund. We don't use them so I put them in an envelope with a form I printed off, stamped them and away they go! Full refund for 2 movies @ $16.99 a piece.
  3. Kohl's. I purchased a blender and a toaster oven on sale for $25 a piece. As part of this sale you received $10 in Kohl's cash for every $50 you spent, and these appliances qualified for a $20 rebate. After Kohl's cash and my rebate I will have spent out of pocket $20, or $10 per appliance. I made a copy of my receipt for my records, cut the UPC code off both boxes, addressed and stamped an envelope and my work was done
  4. Rite Aid. As part of a fall reward program I accumulated purchased over $100 (before coupons of course) and that qualified me for a $20 gift card. My purchases included 3 packs of Huggies diapers, body wash, etc. etc. etc. I went to Rite Aid.com, entered in my store number, register number and transaction number. Once that processed (normally the next day) I requested my gift card. These are really hard lol
  5. Rite Aid single check rebates. I did the same as above only I have to be honest and admit I forgot to request my check so the system did it for me. That was the easiest of all!!

Ok, so to sum this all up I got a MULTITUDE of items included in all these purchases! 2 small appliances, makeups, snacks, Christmas presents, 3 packs of Diapers, 18 candles, body wash, and on and on and on. In the end its over $200 worth of merchandise that my out of pocket expense will be around $75 or so.

Moral of the story and all of this typing and math, save your receipts for a couple of weeks. Just put them in an envelope out of the way. You would be surprised how many rebates will pop up and you can get money back on things that you have already purchased or will in the near future!

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