Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ok so this isn't a great deal or freebie, its just me asking you for your support for an important cause! Well, its kind of free, your support won't cost you anything :) Seventh Generation is a great company that produces non toxic household products. As a mom of 2 especially a toddler who will lick, touch, or eat anything in our house, I am really into non toxic or organic products. The healthier the better! Seventh Generation has created The Million Baby Crawl as a way to generate support for stronger chemical laws to protect our families and our homes. Click here to get more info. on that! Here is where I need you. Raegan is "crawling" to Washington as part of the Million Baby Crawl. You can click here to support her in her crawling. It's funny, it happened so fast but she wouldn't crawl now if she had to! She is such a big girl now, that baby stuff like crawling isn't an option!

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