Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Interesting Publix News!
I got an email tonight from a great new couponing friend telling me that Publix accepts Walgreen's Register Rewards! This is wonderful news! I checked with the 3 Publix stores in my area and here is what I found out.
Hixson Pike Store-Will accept 1 register reward per customer and it must be under $5
Snow Hill Rd. Store-Have tried to ring them up before and the computer will not let them as it is more of a sale than a coupon
East Brainerd Rd. Store-not considered a competitor coupon, will not accept
I emailed Jenny @ Southern Savers who I believe knows everything about any and everything coupons. She tells me that these are in fact a true manufacturers coupon and she has seen them used successfully at CVS, WalMart, etc. So, if your store will let you scan or use them, they are the same as and will function as a manufacturers coupon. I stand corrected :)
Thanks April for the email!!

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