Friday, October 30, 2009

I recevied this letter from Gloria, a local couponer who runs a blog I have mentioned several times, Fun and Frugal. The letter comes from Denise, a fellow couponer who passes her bargain shopping onto the Tennessee Baptist Childrens Home. Please email Denise at wdenise553 (at) aol (dot) com if you want to participate with me in helping get them the things they need! She can tell you where to drop your items off at if you are unable to take them to the Children's home on Lee Hwy. My sisters in Christ, I am attempting to establish a network of hardworking "couponers" who are interested in helping stock the commissary at the Tennessee Baptist Childrens Home in Chattanooga, TN. Our church, Thompson Springs Baptist Church, has been working with the parents of the Stowe Cottage, Tony and Angie Cummings, for approximately the past two years attempting to fill some of the empty slots in their pantry. Tony and Angie can be contacted directly to verify this information. Their needs are abundant and their donations....well, let's just say that they need some helpful hearts. When I found out they are going to the Chattanooga Food Bank to purchase some of their needed items, my heart broke. With missions being such a strong emphasis in our faith, I believe it is time that we stepped up as an association and fill the needs of these children who so desperately need our love. As avid shoppers, we know that sales cycle and we can't always run out and purchase every item on the list. They are aware of that and are so grateful for what we are able to provide them. But if we had a team effort purchasing the items on sale, with great coupons mind you, we would be able to provide so much for the home. I am sending all of you a list and asking you to send it/publish it wherever you may think could be helpful. I would really like to see how this could possibly grow in Bradley County. If the participation is great, I am certain I could gather a team of women from my church to gather the items and take to the Children’s Home. I work in a central area in Bradley County and items could be dropped off there as well. I do not have a huge amount of storage space at our church for frozen items but we have some.I am issuing a challenge with this request. God has blessed us with so very much when He brought this way of shopping into our lives. I believe He desires us to be givers, as well, as He taught us the most precious lesson in giving. He gave us the only thing that He could give…He gave His only Son……His precious, precious Son who suffered immensely for us. During this upcoming holiday season, let’s get into those stockpiles and give what we really don’t need at the moment. Let’s give it to these kids who cannot get enough outward expressions of love. Let’s let them see Christ in us.You can circulate my e-mail address to those you think may be interested in helping. I will answer any and all questions regarding this effort. Attached is a list of the items currently needed at the Children’s Home. I look forward to seeing God’s hand in this endeavor. Thank you so very much for taking the time to forward my request. In His service, Denise Winder wdenise533{at} aol {dot} com Commissary Needs October 26, 2009 Dried/Canned Items Turnip Greens Chili Canned Pineapple Apple Sauce Pie Filling (should be cycling soon during the holidays) Sloppy Joe Sauce (Manwich) Canned Chicken Ketchup Mayonnaise Pancake Syrup Grape or Strawberry Jelly Packets of Koolaid Decaffeinated Tea Bags (they would prefer not to give the kids caffeine) Canned CarrotsCanned Sweet Potatoes/Yams (clearance sales all over the place after Christmas) Pizza Sauce Pizza Crust mix (Does Martha White have one of these? Would be nice with the .55/2 baking mix coupon that is current.) Pepperoni Pickle Relish Pickles (goes on sale BOGOF at Bi-Lo….often times only .25 each with a .50/1 coupon) Freezer Items Ground Beef RoastPork Chops Stew Beef Hot Dogs (always BOGOF somewhere) Ham Bacon Sausage Chicken Chicken Tenders Chicken Wings Cubed Steak Frozen Biscuits Toaster Strudels Pizza Hot Pockets Paper Goods Paper Towels Napkins Styrofoam Plates (BOGOF frequently at Bi-Lo) Cleaner Pine Sol (Pine Power goes on BOGO at Bi-Lo) Comet Toilet Bowl CleanerAll Purpose Cleaner (Glass Plus is going to be BOGOF starting Wednesday at Publix)Laundry Detergent (Liquid Fab is going to be BOGOF @ 4.49 at Bi-Lo starting Wednesday and there are .50/1 coupons available) Personal Hygiene Dial, Zest, Ivory Bar Soap Shampoo Conditioner

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