Sunday, October 18, 2009


Search & Win If you will notice to your right, I have put a new toy up. Its called the Swagbucks Widget and it is a magical toy that will help you get free stuff!! Yep that's right, free stuff! Here's how it works. Swagbucks works just like any other search engine you use, like Google or Yahoo but the difference is they reward you for using theirs. When you search, randomly, you will see on your screen that you have received either, $1, $3, or maybe even $5 in Swagbucks. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, as most of us are, you will see the daily post for a Swagcode or you can check the widget anytime you want to. Just click Swag code and search for a code. If you see one, all you do is copy that code, paste it in your account and ta da, free swagbucks! Just make Swagbucks your home page and then you won't even have to think about it. Also, Swagbucks just released a new toolbar that you can install! This thing rocks! Just install it from their site and it will give you a much easier way to search, let you know when a free Swagcode has been released and how many Swagbucks you have! Swagbucks add up quickly and in no time you will have free stuff just waiting for you to order it! With the growing popularity of Swagbucks has come almost daily additions of things you can use them for. You can get giftcards to,,, used video game websites, clothes, things for your house and on and on and on. This, I'm thinking, will be great around Christmas time! So, why are you still sitting there? Click this and go sign up! It's just another way to earn free things and who doesn't like free things!!!!

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