Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pampers Gift to Grow

I am posting seperately about Pampers Gift to Grow program so that anyone who may not be aware of it can get more info. Gift to grow is a program Pampers created a few years ago to offer a "reward" program for its loyal customers. When you purchase select Pampers products there will be a sticker inside with a code on it, like this:**You can use that code to get you started, its a 3 point code!!**
Enter those codes here, at Those points will just accumulate until you decide to cash them in, for diapers, books, toys, etc. Click here to see all of the choices they offer. Also, there are tons of places online that post points, like Freebies 4 mom, she has a ton of points! So, you can actually get the points and free stuff without ever making the purchase. I myself have a 1 year old so I am always buying diapers and wipes! I will post my codes for you here as well! So, click here to register for another program who gives you free stuff!

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