Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ok so I know I am not headed to Blog of the year, considering its taken me WAY longer than I promised to get this post done. And this isn't all of the info. I have, just a part of it. Between the hubby having his gallbladder out, my oldest getting the chicken pox then almost breaking her arm twice in the same week, me working 2 weeks for my dad and now my having been sick and having surgery next week, to say life has been crazy is understatement of the year!! None the less, I apologize for the delay and I will honestly will get the second half up ASAP!!! In the mean time here are some of the sites I use, and I do use them all daily so i know how they work and that they do work. Point, click, look around, sign up. Its all free, easy money you can make while watching tv at night! :) YouData. YouData is all about reforming advertising. Instead of us constantly being flooded by advertisements on TV, radio, etc, that don't appeal to us, YouData says we should only listen to or look at ads that do. So you tell them about yourself when you register and they preload for you ads/emails that pertain to your life based on what you tell them about you. You just log on daily and read the emails they have preloaded for you. They are very diligent about you clearing your cookies, etc. so as not to get into anything bad for your computer. The ads don't pay much but its so very simple and they automatically make a deposit into your Paypal account on Friday, without you doing anything! It's free money and any and all free money is good money I say! It doesn't get much easier than that!! You can click here to sign up for YouData

Hits 4 Pay- This is one of the most simple ones that I use! Hits4pay literally pays just to open the emails they sent you daily. It varies from day to day and trust me you won't get rich on this one, however, it is again really easy free money! Just log into your account and open each email they sent you. After it has been open for 60 secs, your account is credited and you can move on to the next one. I normally will open one of the emails in a seperate window, then return to what I was doing in the other window while the timer clicks and my account is credited. It doesnt get much easier I don't think and you can request a cash out when you accumulate $25 in your account. You can go here to read all the info. from Hits4pay and also to sign up! Oh, you get $10 just for signing up and once you do, get others to sign up, you will make money when they do!

Opinion Outpost rewards you in points, unlike the others who pay cash. You accumulate your points for taking their surveys and when you have accumulated enough points you cash them in for merchandise or for, you guessed it, cash. Point values vary but normally they are about 20-25 points and they are all about something your interested in and based of the information you provide about yourself when you sign up, so it isn't boring stuff you don't want to read about for 10 minutes! One of the things I like about them the most is that if you don't qualify for the particular survey they email you about, they will redirect you to another survey through a partner site, which still gives you a chace to earn points. 10 survey points equal $1, so you will basically be getting about $2 per survey most of the time. I have currently completed 4 surverys and I have 73 points in my account right now. I can cash that out for $7.30 or redeem 50 of the points for a $5 Amazon gift card, etc.

Search & Win

Swagbucks-I have posted about Swagbucks several times before! I love Swagbucks because it is a reward program that rewards you for doing what you do all the time, searching the internet. Swagbucks is a search engine just like google but when you search you will randomly earn Swagbucks that you can cash in for money or merchandise, click here to go the Swagstore and see all of the things you can purchase with them. Its so simple, I suggest just changing your homepage to Swagbucks and then you don't even have to think about it. You can also become their friend on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and that will give you the inside scoop on codes that come out at random times or trivia games you can play to earn more. Also, there is a box on the right side of my page that you can click to see if a code for a free Swagbuck is out. Just click SC on the box,then click check for code. If their is one out you just copy and past it onto your home page and your done, and you have a free Swagbuck, or 3 or 5 depending. Click here to sign up!

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