Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Fall Gift of Savings

I stopped by Rite Aid today to finish my Fall Gift of Savings, if your not familar, click here. The promotion ends Oct. 17th but with the deals they have this week, you still have time and could very possibly make money. I had one trip that was very well thought out and organized, two that were out of neccesity, which always costs you money lol. Here is how I ended up doing:
Transaction #1
Golf Set (Birthday Gift)
(3) Crystal Light Mix @ .24
(2) sheets of Stickers (stocking stuffer) @ .32
(2) engery strips @ 074
Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers
(2) light bulb 4 packs
(1) Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser
1-$5 off $20 purchase
1-$3 off 2 in ad light bulb coupons
1-$3 off any Clean & Clear Product
1-$2 video coupon for clean & clear
Total Paid out of Pocket: 12.81
Transaction #2
(2) Cheerios Cup (on clearance) @.49
(4) Act II popcorn ball @ .50
(2) Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers @ $11.00
(2) 4 pack of light bulbs
1-$5 off $25
1- $2 off Pure & Natural Diapers
1-$2 off any Huggies product printable
1-$3 off 2 in ad light bulb coupon
1-$1 off 2 Act II popcorn balls
1-$2 off Huggies product video coupon
Total Paid out of Pocket: $17.15
Transaction #3
(1) Mentos Fruit Candies
(1) scrubbing Bubbles
(4) Suave Body Wash @ 1.99
(2) Cover Girl Eyeshadow
(1) Cover Girl Foundation
1-$5 off $20 coupon
1-Buy 3 Sauve body washes get one free @ 1.99
1-.75 off Sauve body wash
2-$1 off any Cover Girl Eye Product
1-Buy Foundation get face product for free 5.59
1-Cover Girl Buy 1 get 1 1/2 half in store ad 2.41
Total Paid Out of Pocket: $8.37
Transaction #3-Neccessity
Sippy cup for Chunker Monker 4.99
Total Paid out of Pocket:$5.45
Transaction #4-Neccessity
(2) Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers @$11.99
Total Paid out of Pocket:$26.20
Total Paid out of Pocket for qualifying Fall Gift of Savings Purchases: $69.98
Total value of purchases: $114.72
Less Single Check Rebates (I qualified for $10 Huggies & $1 Sauve) - 11.00
Less Fall Gift of Savings Gift Card -20.00
Total Cost to my debit card........................drum roll please...........................$38.98
Thats close to a 70% savings....I'll take it!
$38.98...I feel pretty good about that number considering for that I got 3 packs of diapers, a birthday present, lots of snacks for my house, make up, lots of body wash....all things that I would have purchased either way. This is why I love drug stores!!

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