Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday again!

Wow, weekends go by so fast! This weekend we celebrated my baby's 1st birthday....I still haven't figured out how I feel about it! I'll let you know when I stop crying lol! I was crazy busy with her birthday so I didnt get much done around here but to make up for it, I have a ton of things to share!! Have fun!
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I am so lucky that I have never had to deal with any breast cancer issues, either myself or in my family. That's not to say that I won't ever and even if not, I like knowing that I helped in some small way for those who do. I like to call it "preventitive karma", put good things out there just in case you ever need them back! Moral of the story, all of the pink stuff you see out right now isn't just to be cute (altough it really is!), everytime you buy it money is donated to breast cancer awareness, research, or both and that is something definitly worth doing!
That being said here is an awesome rebate deal! Several grocery stores are participating, I got mine through Bi-Lo.
From 9/30 until 10/6 when you buy $25 of participating P& G products, you will receive, by mail, a pink Kitchenware set from Good Cook Hope Line. Your submission must be postmarked by 11/25 and received by 12/15. You can see a complete list of participating items here . The set is a $40 value and includes:
  • A covered saute pan
  • Measuring Cups
  • High temperature spatula
  • Timer

Here is a scenario to get the cookware pretty inexpensive and stock up on some great cleaning supplies as well. This is what I did and at the end of your transaction the mail in rebate form prints as a catalina coupon. You just send it in with your reciept or a copy of your reciept.

4 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (on sale 2/$5) 10.00

2 Mr. Clean floor cleaners (on sale 2/$5) 5.00

2 Mr. Clean spray cleaners (on sale 2/$5) 5.00

2 Cascade Dishwashing detergents (on sale $2.99 each) 5.98

Coupons used:

2 Buy one magic eraser get one free 5.00

2 buy Mr. Clean floor cleaner get spray free 5.00

.75 off Magic eraser .75

.75 off Magic eraser .75

.75 off Mr. Clean Spray .75

1.00 off Cascade 1.00

.50 off Cascade (doubled to $1.00) 1.00

1.00 off Mr. Clean floor cleaner 1.00

.75 off Mr. Clean floor cleaner .75

So, I spent $9.98 on 8 items and will get back a set of pink cookware valued at $40! I love these rebate offers, they are so worth it!!! If your getting the rebate, let us know what scenario you used!

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