Monday, September 7, 2009

As much as I heart CVS, there are other drug stores out there. And from what I have been told Rite Aid actually has the best rewards system of all the drug stores. They don't print instant coupons like CVS or Walgreens, instead they do a rebate check system. When you purchase an item that qualifies for a rebate check, you go online and enter 3 things off your receipt, you get an email confirming, and your done. Just wait on your check to arrive. There are alot of good deals right now through their program, including $30 worth of make-up for free, and you get a $10 Rite Aid gift card, you make money! If you would like the details, email me I will pass them along. That said, go on over to Rite Aid and sign up for My Rite Aid. They will send you over $50 in coupons! And you can also watch short 30 second/1 minute long videos on their website that will let you print out coupons just for watching! You can't beat that! **Hint Hint in two weeks Rite Aid is doing a huge deal on diapers, so any of you interested in a diaper deal stay tuned! *************************************************************************************

Publix is my new favorite grocery store! It is cleaner than my house, has great sales, is couponer friendly and has more organic foods than any other regular grocery store. I make all of my little ones baby food so being able to get fresh organic fruits and vegetables at a normal price is awesome!!! They also have several Publix clubs you can join that will get great coupons delivered to your mailbox! First there is the Publix baby club. Sign up here and you will starting receiveing the newsletter along with coupons for FREE full-size baby products. Mine had alot of high dollar coupons for diapers and wipes and free hand sanitizer, lotion, and much more! Then we have the Publix Preschool Pals Club for 2-5 year olds. Click here to sign up and you will get access to an information packed Web site, a quarterly newsletter, prizes, cards on their birthdays, a very cool activity book for two-year-olds, and a one-of-a-kind CD ROM when your children turn three. Please note, the Publix Preschool Pals program is offered in English only and is good Florida, Georgia, Tennesee, Alabama, or South Carolina.
Free stuff is my favorite thing. Taco Bell is my second favorite thing so I love this freebie! Print the coupon and get a free Frutista Freeze! The coupon is good through 12/31/2009 and you don't have to purchase anything else, but its Taco Bell how could you not!!
Here is the deal of the day, this is a good one! Think Christmas gift at a great price!
Official Licensed PGA Tour Polarized Sunglasses with PGA Case
Retail Price: $59.99
Savings: (92 %) $55.00
Our Price: $4.99
As always, this deal is good until Midnight tonight and a new one will begin!!
The Cheesecake Factory has teamed up with Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief charity. I'm all about charity and this is a great one with a bonus for you for patricipating! The Cheesecake Factory has set out on a national tour to collect cans of soup. Just bring 2 cans of soup to the stop in your town, be one of the first 500 people and you will get a slice of Stefanie's Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake™. If your not one the first 500 you will still get a special gift to use at your stop visit to the Cheesecake Factory.The goal is 100,000 cans of soup and they are only at 7114 now so click here to find out if they are coming to your city next! If your like me and they aren't coming close to home, then click here to purchase one of these yummy cakes, for every one purchased they will donate $1 to Feeding America!!!
Search & Win And last but DEFINITLY not least lets discuss Swagbucks shall we. Swagbucks, as you have heard me mention, is great! It works just like any other search engine you use like Google or Yahoo but the difference is they reward you for using theirs. When you search, randomly, you will see on your screen that you have received either, $1, $3, or maybe even $5 in Swagbucks posted to your account. Also, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, as most of us are, you will see the daily post for a Swagcode. All you do is copy that code, paste it in your account and ta da, free swagbucks! The month of September they are doing one everyday so you can get $30 free Swagbucks this month alone! Yes I know you are thinking that isn't a whole lot but it adds up quick and you are getting it just for doing what you normally would do for nothing! Just make Swagbucks your home page and then you won't even have to think about it. Also, Swagbucks just released a new toolbar that you can install! This thing rocks! Just install it from their site and it will give you a much easier way to search, let you know when a free Swagcode has been released and how many Swagbucks you have! With the growing popularity of Swagbucks has come almost daily additions of things you can use them for. You can get giftcards to,,, used video game websites, clothes, things for your house and on and on and on. This, I'm thinking, will be great around Christmas time! So, why are you still sitting there? Click this and go sign up! It's just another way to earn free things and who doesn't like free things!!!!
Click here to request the new Home made simple coupon book! It will be mailed to you in 6-8 weeks and has over $35 in coupons inside! The last 2 times I got this booklet there was a coupon for a free bottle of Cascade rinse for the dishwasher, along with lots of Frebreeze and Dawn coupons. Depending on the sales that week, it could mean alot of free products!! Woo-hoo, have I mentioned I love free stuff?

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